country meadows pet inn


Boarding and Grooming Your Pet

We have large runs with doggie doors so your dog can be in inside with air conditioning/heat or outside. These runs are connected to large grassy play yards. We also have smaller kennels for those that do not like the outdoors or are too small for the large runs.

Day Care: $15*

Small Breeds: $21/Night**

Medium Breeds: $23/Night**

Large Breeds: $25/Night**

Double Run:  $35/Night, 1st day

*Free Day Care if your pet is receiving a groom or a bath that day.

**Take $1 off each additional pet sharing a run.

Please bring any toys, treats or bedding you feel will make your baby’s stay more comfortable.

Includes 3 walks/day plus 30 minutes of playtime in the large grassy play yard per day.

Health services (medication administration, vitamins, arranging emergency vet care if necessary) are an additional charge.

Please bring your own food with instructions. We can provide food for an additional charge.

Pets must be current on their vaccinations. The owner must bring proof of vaccinations. Bordetella is given within 6 months for dogs, rabies within specification to your home, city, or County for dogs, typically 1 to 3 years in Texas.


Small Breeds: $44-$50  

Medium Breeds: $50-$65

Large Breeds: $60-80

Pricing varies due to size and condition of the pet.


Small Breeds: $25-$30 

Medium Breeds: $35-$40

Large Breeds: $40-$55

Bath includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and for small dogs, expressing of anal glands.


Mat Fee: $5-$15

Teeth Brushing: $5

Nail Painting: $5

Nail Trim only: $10

Sanitary (genital area) and under feet trim $10

Expressing anal glands (for medium and large dogs) $10

Specialty shampoo treatments (anti-itch, skin-conditioning/oatmeal, coat whitening, etc.) $2